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Vadim Margolin is a well-known wedding dress designer from Israel.

Every bride dreams of a wedding dress that would be timeless and elegant, something that will make her feel like a princess on her special day. And a well-known Israeli designer Vadim Margolin seems to have a gift for designing that particular style of dresses.


Vadim Margolin is a well-known wedding dress designer from Israel and a graduate of the Wizo Design Academy.

Exquisitely handcrafted high-fashion wedding dresses designed by Vadim Margolin display an interesting blend of European and Mediterranean cultures. Thousands of customers around the world are captivated by his designs. Vadim has more than 10 years of experience in the bridal fashion industry. He is known as the designer who can make your wedding day dreams come true, even if you have a tight wedding dress budget.

BRIDAL Designer 2021

Vadim Margolin is proud of the quality and uniqueness of sophisticated dresses designed by his studio as well as the high standards and accuracy in ensuring the best results for his customers.

6 reasons why Vadim Margolin's wedding dress studio is so popular around the world:

– Vadim's clients always receive unique designs.
– Vadim carefully selects the finest fabrics, delicately embroidered with net lace or without it for each dress. The skillfully selected materials and elegant      designs flatter any bride who wants to look gorgeous in the most important day of her life.
– Vadim Margolin's brand is one of the top 10 design studios for more than 2 decades.
– People from all over the world choose his wedding dresses for their weddings.
– The studio executes all the client’ orders promptly and correctly. Always.
– Vadim Margolin dresses are all hand made by professionals and priced honestly, to ensure that every bride is able to get her dream dress.

If you need a stunning wedding dress, look at objects d’art that Vadim Margolin has prepared for you, and your search will end at that very moment.

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